Check back soon for the art project "The Madness is Real"

Jhailyn’s journey through art has been unconventional. Before diving into art, she worked for Fedway Associates in the marketing department. In 2016 she had an experience which she considered so profound, her entire life changed from that moment on.

To be “soulphazed”, is how she describes it. An inability to go back to how you once viewed reality. Art is the only way she can find to communicate her experience. Since this experience, Jhailyn quit her career working for Fedway Associates, and started a business to help support her passion behind this art project. Her main objective has been working on creating an interactive immersive experience in where you are the characters within the paintings.


“To be soulphazed is so much more than words or even a painting can describe. I want to create something where the viewer isn’t just looking at the painting, but that they get to fully feel what it’s like to be immersed in it”-Jhailyn


The project itself is called “The Madness is Real” a 3 part series, examining the human condition, each requiring their own warehouse to execute and part one being “Soulphazed “. The Experience will cater to all the senses, with features such as Bluetooth headsets programmed to what you are viewing to evoke specific emotion. Her hope is that by the end of the experience , the individual will know what it feels to be “soulphazed” and want to experience more.


Visually, she uses a combination of abstract and illustration-like art to portray portions of the project which will eventually be converted into the interactive experiences. Stop by this Wednesday and ask about Soulphazed project and to see her paint live.