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Limitless Event

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What is holding you back, limiting beliefs? Old programs? Old habits? The need to control? Worries + Anxiety ?

Release limiting beliefs, install NEW empowering beliefs and magnetize your heart's desire!

Join us on monthly gathering and put intentions into your deepest desires using the power of the moon. Illuminate and remove obstacles to create space for abundance and growth and let go of what no longer benefits you.

On a Full Moon we enter the energy of releasing. It is the perfect time to take inventory on what no longer serves us. During this time our psychic energy is high and we may feel feelings of solitude.

We will begin our ceremony with an individual aura cleansing by Modern Hippi using Palo Santo or Sage. Palo santo is derived from specific trees found in the South American rain forests of Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and Peru and has been used for most of known history for a variety of healing including medicines, native ceremonies and, especially in Incan culture, spiritual clearing of space, crowd or person.

Once everyone has settled we will talk a brief moment about where the moon is in transit, and how it affects us for this specific cycle. Next, we will be guided through sound healing + guided meditation. Finally, we will release what no longer serves us on Allenhurst beach. When we are done releasing our blocks and what no longer serves us, we will conclude by sealing our ceremony with a blessing.


Thursday August 15th 7-9pm

111 Main St

Allenhurst, NJ