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New Moon Gratitude Meditation

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Holidays can be a time of cheer but also a time of great stress. Stress can make it hard to enjoy these joyful times with those you love.  This month we are featuring a guided gratitude meditation to help you gear up for the holiday season. Make this meditation your secret weapon this holiday season so you can spread some joy to others. After all, that's really the best gift you can give to yourself and everyone around you.


This event starts at 7 and ends at 9pm. When you arrive you will be offered your choice of tea or coffee while you get settled in. Each individual will be offered a private aura cleansing and oracle card reading. The aura cleansing will be performed with sage, the purpose in which to cleanse your mind space to prepare for the mediation. 

Once you have your energy cleansed, we ask that you use provided bay leaves to write things you are grateful for in your life. These will be used again later on in the evening. 


Once everyone has settled we will talk a brief moment about where the moon is in transit, and how it affects us for this specific cycle. Next, we will be guided through a group meditation using 528 hz frequency.

528 hz is said to be the "miracle tone" on the solfeggio scale and is also said to be the pure love tone. 

We'll finalize our journey with a gratitude exercise. 

Event Details:

Tuesday November 26th 7-9pm 

111 Main St

Allenhurst, NJ